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At A. Liberatore, P.C., we act as trusted advocates for our clients when they need us the most. Backed by thousands of satisfied clients and successful cases, our law firm is trusted and respected in Los Angeles. Our founder, Mr. Anthony Liberatore, has over 20 years’ experience litigating liability cases in the state of California. Our firm believes in the values of hard work, due diligence, and fighting as hard as necessary to ensure that good people receive justice for their injuries. We tell their stories to judges and juries to ensure their voices are heard in an overcrowded and sometimes biased legal system that might otherwise ignore them.

We take the time to learn how our clients have been harmed. How their bodies and minds have been affected. How simple everyday routines can turn into major events. When your life has been altered and interrupted because of someone else, it can be one of the most trying and challenging times of your life. We are here to help. You will need a helping hand and a committed advocate by your side, otherwise the insurance companies and defense lawyers will attempt to walk all over your rights. Given a chance, they can and will deny you the compensation you deserve for medical bills, lost earnings, human losses, injuries, and on-going stress, anxiety and pain. At A. Liberatore, P.C., we think of each client as if they’re a member of our family, and we treat them that way. Here, you’ll find people who will listen and tell your unique story.

When you are injured, it’s important to remember that the insurance company is NOT your friend.

Even though the reason insurance companies exist is to compensate those who are hurt or injured through the actions or inactions of their insured, the insurance company will fight you to make sure they pay out as little on your claim as possible – if any! Our firm knows what is and is not customary in the insurance world, as well as how to find policy limits, responsible parties, and extenuating circumstances.

When you hire A. Liberatore, P.C., we bring all of this to work for you and on your behalf. Remember, full justice requires full compensation and holding responsible parties accountable for their actions. Helping those who suffer injuries is what we do and it’s why we love coming to work each day. Our reputation depends upon how hard we fight for our clients. If you or a loved one has been injured and needs legal representation, call our office to speak to someone right away. We promise to fight for your rights!

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Un abogado de la firma de abogados de A. Liberatore, P.C., especializado en la ley de daños y perjuicios (lesiones personales) en California representa a personas que han tenido lesiones serias como resulatdo de un accidente. Es importante consultar con un abogado especializado en lesiones con el conocimiento y la experiencia que usted necesita.

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